Award-winning….is it all it seems?


In today’s modern society we are bombarded with images, snippets of information and adverts galore.

It’s no wonder that we have so much difficulty when it comes to the, sometimes harrowing, task of arranging a wedding!

It seems that everybody feels they are the best in the business and can offer you great products or services for a great price.  And they are more than happy to jump all over you as soon as you mention your budget!

Some of these people offer great value, excellent service and have a reputation to be envied.  Some, alas, do not.

So how can you possibly sort the wheat from the chaff?  You simply cannot rely on what the vendor says about themselves as in this day and age anybody can get some good-looking pictures, create a good-looking website and claim the highest of accolades.

Take, for example, the very competitive field of Wedding Disco Entertainers (Wedding DJ”s).   How are they going to get your attention?

In order to bypass the standard advertising tirade, some DJ’s are looking for other ways to prove their worth.

First there were testimonials, and now awards.

Now then, think about it honestly.  If you have been looking at a couple of DJ/Disco websites in order to try and find a suitable entertainer for your wedding and you find two that are quite similar but, on one of them, there is a big shiny badge proclaiming that the DJ in question has won an award, is top of their field and was recommended by industry experts.  Your likely (and perfectly human) response is to pay more attention to the one with the award.

Why?  because we are not looking for how much someone can ‘blow their own trumpet’ but more about ‘well who says so’?

But are they all they seem?

Recently Glenn tested a theory by posting on Facebook the following message asking for friends and family to vote for him in order to win an ‘award’:

“Please Vote! for me in The Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Awards for Best Wedding DJ 🙂

You don’t have to attend any event – as this is a ‘virtual’ event to set a link to cast your vote 🙂

Thank you”


Take note of the last line – deliberately placed in to prove a point ”  You don’t have to attend any event – as this is a ‘virtual’ event to set a link to cast your vote :)”

So in order to vote Glenn (or anybody else taking part) as being ‘The Best In Gillingham’ (his chosen and completely made-up category) all he had to do was sign up to this (American/Canadian based) awards scheme,  write something great about himself and ask friends and family to vote for him.

Guess what – he won (hold the applause!), so did his friend (for Kent).

Don’t get me wrong, most of Glenn’s friends and family have either heard lots about or witnessed his DJ skills and think he’s worth the vote (and thanks to those).

But what does it mean to a bride?  Not a lot actually.  these Awards and hundreds of similar ones are nothing more than a ‘link directory’ with some clever marketing.  their vote system may not be regulated, approved by a board nor require any vetting on behalf of the Disc Jockeys.

So before you click on that great looking DJ with the shiny badge consider the following:

  1. Is the award genuine?  Does it link to a real website that has high standards relevant to what you are seeking.
  2. Does the Wedding DJ offer to meet with no obligation , the best way to really ‘vet’ your DJ (your money is important and a great Wedding DJ can really make your day)!
  3. Do they have more than one or two testimonials through a legitimate site (where new customers have to register).

Do not be fooled by first appearances and be wary of the marketing tricks that are used this day to fool you out of your hard-earned cash.  Be savvy, be picky and MEET with your Wedding Disco Organiser – that really is the only way to know if the person is going to fit with you and your guests in both personality and musical/lighting abilities!

Is Wedding Disco Genie worth your money?  No award in the world can answer that.  Meet Glenn and decide for yourself!